Thursday, October 2, 2008

BPS extended the Call

"...The governing body that extends Parish Assistance consultant calls is the WELS Board for Parish Services. This authoritative board extends calls for all of the units of Parish Services: Evangelism, Worship, Youth Discipleship, Parish Schools, Adult Discipleship, Special Ministries, and Parish Assistance. The board is comprised by parish pastors, teachers, staff ministers, and laymen; all elected by the synod in convention. The actual calling process is similar to that followed in our congregations. We inform the district president (the district in which the chairman of the board resides) of our request and he supplies a call list from which the board extends a call."

Full-time consultant’s responsibilities:

1. Works under the direction of and is accountable to the Parish Assistance director and ultimately responsible to his calling body, the WELS Board for Parish Services
2. Provides comprehensive, fee-based assistance to congregations in planning and carrying out their outreach and nurture ministries
3. Provides or secures appropriate specialized assistance
4. Assists with ongoing development to ensure that Parish Assistance provides the best possible service to God’s people as they pursue God’s purposes
5. Provides training for church leaders throughout the core consulting process and additionally if desired or needed
6. Provides assistance, as requested, with specific needs (e.g. teambuilding, evaluation of staffing needs, mentoring, coaching, etc.)
7. Assists with training current and additional part-time Parish Assistance consultants
8. Serves his Savior through Parish Assistance, the Board for Parish Services, and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod in ways appropriate to his gifts


John said...

Holy Synod... my comment box was filled with less than Christian comments about my post of Rev. Kelm's call back to 2929. The troopers must be out in force from calling me that other word for a donkey to naming me the antichrist. You would have thought that I had said:

• Rev. Kelm believes that contemporary worship dates further back than the historical liturgy,
• or that he uses reformed sermons,
• or that he needs to add footnotes to his copied sermons
• or that you can use logic to win a soul for Christ
• or that a pastor uses a rob

I am not meddling in another man's call. I simply printed what has occurred and my opinion. So have any of you pastors had a call in which a member expressed his or her opinion on what you should do. Is that impinging on the work of the Holy Spirit?

Do we need a parish consultant?
Do we need Paul Kelm consulting?

rlschultz said...

It sounds like the position of Parish Assistance Consultant was custom made for Paul Kelm.

Anonymous said...

if you can copy and paste, you can consult.