Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taking up the Sword of Faith

I commend to you http://www.intrepidlutherans.com/. This is a blog that takes up the sword and mantle of Confessional Lutheranism in the WELS.

Several years ago Aaron started this blog, Bailing Water, as a way to open up discussion on the inroads of the Church growth methods in the WELS. Aaron started this blog about the time the 2006 convention got underway. He gave up and I took up the mantle.

Bailing Water provided fruitful discussion on important topics and brought to surface many hidden agendas. For many the true agenda and players list of the Church and Change group was revealed.

The WELS has changed. There is disunity. Is Jeske WELS or LCMS?

As time and need arise new posts may rise to the surface here on Bailing Water. But, rest assured, for the years to come Bailing Water will remain a Confessional and historical resource.