Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Theological issues that plague the WELS

In a comment ~ Jared asks what theological issues plague the WELS? Now I will preface this to say that I am not a theologian in the WELS but a simple layman offering this view from the pew. But I have heard and seen a few things.

There is a double standard among some synodical leaders. Prior to the convention, the (former) president and vice-president rejected a memorial from 86 pastors and 3 congregations. This memorial asked for a study on the synod's position on fellowship. Yet the WELS official website endorses the Church and Change group that is continually reaching over the fence. The WELS website has a registration link to this "extreme" makeover conference. Yet those high church folks in the WELS must be put out quickly or we might look back at our Confessions. This is a theological issue. The WELS now officially approves of using Church growth methods. The slope is slippery. A vicar recently told me that the WELS will probably have women ministers before Missouri. (just an opinion by a theological student in the mix). Yet check out the youth services that are all the rage and you'll see the young ladies giving the children sermons.

There is a double standard on called workers and cover ups. In the past few years unproven allegations have been made agains a few parish pastors concerning the 6th commandment. These small town pastors are quietly swept away. (note resign) Yet a big synodical boy from the desert is involved in similar allegations and the "officials" say to put the best construction on this and don't sin against the 8th commandment. A dp tries to oust a called teacher without even talking to the teacher before the dp calls the boys in Milwaukee. This is a theological issue.

So now the WELS is caught in a financial crunch. Is this not a theological issue?


Rob said...

John, thanks for restarting "bailing."

Yes, I've seen some pastors resign from the ministry, but it's more common for controversial pastors to accept a call to a different district. In one case a WELS pastor added extra, non-Scriptural requirements for Baptism and Lord's Supper. Suddenly a call appeared out of the blue, and he took it.

Anonymous said...

"A vicar recently told me that the WELS will probably have women ministers before Missouri."

The kid is smoking crack.