Monday, August 27, 2007

Still Bailing

I have decided to continue on with this site to see if we can continue the process of bailing water or maybe it is coming in too quickly.? I do believe that Aaron was providing an interesting blog in which to digest and discuss the issues happening in the WELS and possibly Lutheranism. I'm especially interested in how the shift away from a confessional stance can be stopped.

It is, of course, not a money issue that is haunting the WELS but a spiritual drift.

More thoughts to come...


rak said...

Hello John. Nice to see we can still bail. Thanks.

Your post is interesting because there are many folks out there who believe sincerely that the problems in WELS are maybe least of all money. Rather they are doctrine and practice.

The sag into modernism results in sagging doctrine. I have heard strange things from pulpit. One can read strange things in the publications.

I'm a layman, but I am told I can recognize false teachings when I hear them. I've heard them. The problem is trying to deal with them. Dealers are ignored or removed. I guess neither should bother a faithful Christian.

My impression is that it will be very difficult to get things to where they should be, if it can be done at all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping the discussion alive.

I truly believe the focus at the recent WELS convention was about money not the theological issues that plague the WELS. If these aren't addressed the water will keep pouring in.

Anna said...

Thank you John!!!

I really think we NEED to keep talking about this issue. I am so bothered by the effort to discussion down...I don't understand it. Communication is a GOOD thing---but so many fear it--why is that??

Anyways, I will be reading!!!

Thanks again!!

Jared said...

could you please give examples of "the theological issues that plague the WELS"