Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Poll: God Vital to Young Americans

A comment talked about modernism or post-modernism and its influence on the church.


This article talks about how the youth view their beliefs and the beliefs of others. This perspective is the prevailing thought in our American educational system. Unfortunately, our churches are influenced by this shift. That is why if you listen closely to modern "Lutheran" sermons you will hear a lot of talk about God and how to be happy. What is often left out is the condemnation as a sinner and salvation found through Jesus found in word and sacraments.

The WELS leaders are reading articles like the above and trying to find ways to grow the numbers. I believe that the Church and Change group in the WELS has taken a jump into the post-modernism whole and has taken on the water of the world.

Look at the topics of the up and coming Change conference:


Break through thinking in WELS ministry
Extreme Church makeover
A Positive view of believers is realistic and practical (maybe this Robert Schuller)

I'm just wondering where is the study of the Lutheran Confessions and Scripture?


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note the WELS leaders have denied any association to the Church and Change group. Yet on the official WELS website you can find a registration form to the conference.


Anonymous said...

yet they wouldn't use there site to supoport a special offering for MLS before the convention.