Thursday, September 6, 2007

Treading Water

I would like to let you know that I appreciate the open and honest discussion that has been occurring. Aaron chose the title for this blog some have suggested a name change. Some funnier than others. But it seems we do need to be patient and hope we don't grow tired of bailing. Maybe we do need to start treading the waters of Lutheranism as we wait for the ship to be righted. I also want you to know that I am studying and growing through what I have been reading. I have also been doing research.

As you know I have conveyed that I am offended in my faith by what seems to be a synodically sanctioned link to the Church and Change registration on I have contacted the synod office about this offense. I have been assured that this and other policies are under review.

I do invite any other comments on the questionable practices I have presented. I am trying to grow in my patience with my perspective and understanding. But I am shocked by some of what I have seen. Yet I am also aware that there are many faithful pastors clearly presenting the Word and holding up the sacraments. I honestly believe that a deep study of His Word and the Confessions is the way to guide the ship. I do mean that the clergy lead the people through a study of the Word and Confessions.

Holding my head above water ~


Anonymous said...

Just for the record:

I believe that when Aaron chose the name of this blog, he meant "bailing water" to be a negative thing. I remember that his first post was a comparison of the viewpoint of one of the convention delegates (who supported bailing water from a sinking ship) to his own (which supported fixing the holes rather than simply bailing water).

Several times you have something along the lines of "we need to keep bailing water." But that's actually saying the opposite of what Aaron originally was saying.

Rob said...

John, thank you for doing what you do.

Anonymous said...


You are not alone in your shock in what is happening in the WELS. It seems we can hope for a new outlook with a change in leadership. Yet, as you state the tide is slow to turn. What is interesting is how you have been blasted on some minor points. Yet, Yet, no one is blasting the unscriptural practices you highlight in your posts. I guess even in this blog format people are afraid to question. I too thank you for taking a stand and providing a form for discussion.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about the special fund that is suppose to occur. Now that the synod in convention has decided to keep MLS alive for a time how is the synod going to meet budget? Is it up to the COP to bring forth and publicize the special fund drive?

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the LC-MS and stumbled on to this blog. The trend in the LC-MS seems to be that the saltwater districts tend to have the questionable practices and one might say liberal pastors.

Is this trend the same in the WELS? Is the heartland more conservative or confessional in the WELS?

Anonymous said...

Nobody is blasting the Unscriptural practices becaus they are isol;ated incidents. Unless i missed a post where he talked about a legitimate synod wide unscriptural practice. maby you are talking about the District presidents that are running wild in the west. I found no problems with how they deal with false teacher(Berg) or how those that brek athe 6th commandment are forced to resign. I heard somewhere that we should be glad the convention was about money and not about doctrinal problems in the WELS, which i believe we dont have.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said, "I found no problems with how they deal with false teacher(Berg)"

What is your proof that Fr. Berg was a false teacher? Did you the multiple issues of the Magpie?

Another Rick

Anonymous said...


"I heard somewhere that we should be glad the convention was about money and not about doctrinal problems in the WELS, which i (sic) believe we dont have."

Doctrinal problems? How is that possible in a synod where everyone is in the Office of the Ministry?

And what's this business about Pr. Berg being a false teacher? I'm curious to hear what you know, Anon.