Sunday, September 9, 2007

Reading His Word Matters

How in the world did Michigan lose again? It seems the first lose may have been because they overlooked Appalachian State but what about the loss to Oregon? Maybe it was because they weren’t prepared. Maybe they didn’t read the playbook.

How do we stay prepared to remain true and pure in doctrine and practice? We must read and apply the playbook. Sometimes we overlook the opponent and turn a blind eye to what is happening. Oh, maybe its ok for the young gal to deliver the kiddie message during the divine service. And who really cares if a woman leads the church Bible Study? Before we know it we are overlooking the Devil’s schemes. We stray from the play book –His Word read through the lens of our Confessions. One loss leads to another and another.

So what must we do? Again I believe reading matters. Those of you old enough might remember Terry Anderson, Chief Middle East Correspondent of the Associated Press, who was kidnapped on March 16, 1985, in Beirut, Lebanon. Nearly seven years after his abduction, he was the last of thirteen American hostages to be set free by his Shiite captors. Throughout his 2,454 days in captivity, Anderson waged an inner struggle with his worst fear: that he “would lapse into some kind of mental rot.” As horrendous as his experience was, Anderson kept his brain alive through the sustaining power of language. Even though he was isolated from his fellow captives most of the time, his ordeal did not prevent him from communicating with them – first by teaching them a sign language and then by developing a system of taps against the wall. And through his captivity, he fought to keep his brain alive by badgering his captors for books, and more books, until they were eventually delivered by the box load. Terry Anderson knew all too well that reading matters.

Reading is the major tool our Lord uses to transmit his saving Word. “Faith comes from hearing the message.” Reading matters. Simply look at how our Lord had his plan of salvation transmitted. He chose to use “the Word” – to be read by us. We can remain pure and true by reading His Word.

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