Thursday, June 5, 2008

Holding DPs accountable ? -- plus BW moves past 100 posts

Anonymous said...

I actually think that this points to a larger issue of DPs not having any accountability.

I don't know anything about the DPs being mentioned and I really don't care to.

I do believe though that if we addressed the lack of accountability for the DPs--a lot of what is upsetting some people will be handled.

Everyone needs oversight no matter how high up they are in a denomination as we are all sinful human beings.

Oh by the way, since this blog began after last year's convention we have passed the 100 post mark.

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Below is the question I asked on the Q&A regarding this subject. The didn't post it publically (with only vague reasoning), but I though you might find it interesting.

We have answered your question on WELS Topical Q&A but decided not to post it to the system for others to view it. This may be on account of the topic being too private and sensitive, or perhaps this questioned has already been asked. Your question and our response follows.

You asked:

Who watches over the District President? I know that the District Presidents are to uphold doctrine and practice in their District--but who is holding them in account? They are, after all--sinful men who will sin (as all humans do). Is there a check and balance system? And if there is a check and balance system--is it objective? I think it would be safe to assume that men who have known each other for years may find it hard to be objective about their friends/brothers. I searched the WELS website and could not find a procedure on what to do when a District President sins against someone and refuses to acknowledge the person he injured. Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

This is our reply:

Ultimately, the members of the district which elected the district president "watch over" the district president through their election of the president every two years. In addition, if the district president is accused of wrong-doing, the district constitution says, "The two district vice presidents with the concurrence of the district circuit pastors may suspend the district president from his office. the president shall have 60 days thereafter to appeal the suspension. If there is no appeal within 60 days, the action shall be final, and the president shall be removed from office. If the president appeals, the appeal will be heard by the District Board of Appeals."

One would pray that when it comes to correct doctrine or practice, Christian friends or brothers can overlook personal relationships and do what is necessary to uphold the truth of God's Word.