Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We are a confessional Lutheran synod ! ???


President Schroeder - We are a confessional Lutheran synod

If this confession is true:

Why are prominent WELS pastors attending Church Growth seminars?

Why are confessional pastors being driven out of the synod?

Why are praise bands all the rage and the liturgy tossed aside?

Why are churches choosing to shed their Lutheran identity for the sake of attracting numbers?

President Schroeder makes a bold statement "Others claim to be confessional, but their teachings and practices do not reflect it. "

I contend that the WELS practices across the synod do not reflect a confessional stance!


Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT questions. My observations are the same and I await answers.

rlschultz said...


Anonymous said...

inquiring minds want to know...

Anonymous said...

Good questions, indeed, John. From reading the article, I don't know what Pres. S. believes, but that guy sure don't speak Lutheran.

Anonymous said...

Who is Pres. Schroeder kidding. It's the old "if I say it ~ it will be true."

Pres. Schroeder knows full well that the church and change group has set the doctrine and practice of the synod for the last ten years.

I believe Pres. Schroeder is a confessional leader, BUT not all pastors hold true to the confessions. Of course, there is no discipline for those wingnuts.

miket said...

It would be helpful if commenters would use a screen name. Too many anonymouses make it hard to know who is saying what.

Just a general observation - Your criticisms use a rather broad brush to paint a very negative picture of President Schroeder and the entire synod. It might be more helpful to take these issues one at a time and examine them more thoroughly.

Perhaps you should write an article explaining what being a confessional Lutheran is and is not. I could then compare your concept of conservatism with Pres. Schroeder's.

John said...


I have tried to address the various issues and will do so again. I believe that Pres. Schroeder is a confessional pastor. However, I don't believe that all WELS pastors are true to the confessions. I believe Pres. Schroeder is duty bound to hold synod pastors to a confessional standard. That standard won't be found at heterodox church growth seminar. I will write a more detailed post on this.

I won't write a post on conservatism that, my friend, is much different than confessionalism.

miket said...

Sorry. I meant confessionalism.

Anonymous said...

I, too, would like John to clarify his view of what specifically makes a confessional Lutheran. I believe it would be helpful for the discussion. Some specifics would help guide the discussion. Are we talking about personal preferences or biblical prescriptions?

Just shout'in