Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The WELS Challenge

WELS pastors take up the challenge of growing the church. Several heavy hitting WELS pastors took to the road to find out the latest trends going on under the protestant tent. At least one of the pastors in attendance sits on the presidium of a synodical district.

I hope that in a future issue of Forward in Christ (one of those in attendance is a contributing author to FIC) or maybe in the presidential newsletter we will hear a recap of this event and how we can follow in the footsteps of such great leaders as Rick Warren.

Session #5b: with Rick Warren:
The Challenge - You've heard the scriptures and been through the workshops. You've learned about the biblical principles of reproducing churches, vision, disciple making, community, missional movements. You've networked with people who share your passion for reaching people and showing them the way back to Jesus Christ. Now what? Rick Warren will help answer that question as he closes Exponential 2008 with a time of challenge and commitment.


Anonymous said...

Interesting...You would think that if this is all OK by the WELS, we should hear about it in FIC or the President's letter. And if this approach is so effective for "growing the church", why not mandate all WELS congregations follow these methods?

John said...

A WELS pastor said he was going to the source to see if this was true. I'm waiting for his follow up....

Cause it would be interesting if they deny going..

Anonymous said...

Did you hear anything back?

Also, can you list the names because honestly, I don't have the time to be calling random WELS pastors and I'm tired of vague accusations where I am totally lost as to what is actually going on.

John said...

"Anonymous said...
Did you hear anything back? Also, can you list the names...?"

If you read carefully, I did say that the pastor from King of Kings in Maitland, FL did attend along with the 1st VP of the SouthCentral district..among others... .

Anonymous said...

So why don't you just stop playing word games? If you have a charge to make, make it the way you're supposed to. Go to that person and ask them if they went and why they went and if they participated. Enough already with the gossip and innuendo!

Anonymous said...


Reading carefully seems to be a BIG challenge for some who comment here. ;)

Anonymous said...

"Reading carefully seems to be a BIG challenge for some who comment here."

I didn't deserve that. Why does this conversation always degenerate into something so filthy?

I apologize for missing it. I guess in the midst of handling 5 children spread across 3 different school districts (we foster), going to school f/t, working p/t, supporting a husband who works f/t and is writing his thesis, volunteering for a domestic-abuse shelter, lobby with another non-profit in support of midwifery in my state, keeping up the house, paying the bills---I missed the reference to the DP (I did catch the one about the Maitland guy, but I thought there would be more than just him).

My post was not critical. It's just that some of the posts lose me because there are pieces about the WELS that you should know to fully understand the posts. I'm not an insider of the WELS...I don't have a long history in the WELS..I don't have a Synod name and neither does my husband.

Anyways, just be careful about judging a post. You don't know me, I don't know you. Why create more angst when it's totally unnecesary.

I'm so frustrated right now. Neither side likes to be questioned at all. You are in or you are out...thank God the WELS is not the definition of the Body of Christ.

Anonymous said...

The WELS is a tangled web of secrecy. Thanks for all the good you are doing, A @ 11:12p.m. "thank God the WELS is not the definition of the Body of Christ." Amen.

miket said...

I stumbled upon your blog yesterday in doing some research. I'm interested in making contact with others who would like to address the synod's problems in constructive ways.

Your readers seem to have access to information on the problems, but I haven't seen much on steps being taken to address those problems.

My family has experienced some of the watered-down ministry that is being discussed here. I would appreciate the opportunity share my thoughts and get your feedback.