Sunday, March 2, 2008


I have just learned that Paul Janke, DP of the AZ/CA district, is stepping down. This is a huge step forward for the confessionals in the WELS. Janke spent most of his time using his position to oust men that didn't fit his WELS model. He would either get them to resign (change the reason to cause - so they can't get back in) or suspend them.

Hopefully, the Lord will rise up a person who can gain control of Apostle's and Crosswalk and the district.


I have decided not to stand for re-election at this summer's Arizona-California District convention. It has been a privilege to serve as district president and to work with you in this role. After months of thought, prayer, and consulting with others, I am convinced that after ten years as district president, I need to turn my full attention to the place where my heart is: parish ministry. I told Pres. Schroeder of my decision at the Synodical Council meeting today and have also informed my brothers on the COP. I ask you to share this information with the men in your circuits. May God be with you as you care for the people of your congregations and your circuits!

In Christ,


Pastor Paul Janke
St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church
3461 Merle Avenue
Modesto, CA 95355
(209) 551-0563


California on my mind said...

Progess? A step foward? I consider DP Janke a confessional Lutheran pastor and district president. Obviously you don't know half the story regarding the men he had to discipline. In regard to the situations I am somewhat familiar with, I certainly wouldn't refer to the men he ousted (your term) as confessional Lutherans. Either you are misinformed or you don't know what a confessional Lutheran really is.

John said...

mr. california on my mind..

I don't consider DP Janke a Christian pastor. I know more than half the storie(s). I know the rest of the story. I have documentation and personal communication with Jahnke. I am not referring to the Berg case either. I am not misinformed on these issues with Janke I know the rest of the story.

If you want to talk off-line I'm more than happy to do that. But Janke has ousted confessional Pastors for drummed up cause. This is the truth. It is my hope and prayer that these men can now return to their calling as pastor's. Janke actually has ignored my contact with him because he has not been justified in his actions.

I know very well what a confessional pastor is and Janke is not one.

John said...

It would be interesting to do a statistical count of the number of resignations or terminations during Janke's reign in the AZ/CA district.

I know of several pastors who have returned their calls to AZ/CA simply because of the Janke factor.

There is much more behind his cloak of returning to the parish ministry. It will be interesting to see who replaces him.

Maybe a confessional or "orthodox" pastor will be nominated -- if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

So which site is "Bailing Water"? This one, or You wanted us to move over to the other one, and now you're posting on this again. What gives?

California on my mind said...

It's a very serious charge to say that a minister of the gospel is not a "Christian" pastor. Do you realize what you're insinuating? ---that he does not proclaim the Word of God or the gospel of Christ! You may not agree with his actions as DP, but you are judging the man's personal ministry by making such a remark. You insinuate and accuse, but you offer no proof. No wonder people charge your blog with 8th Commandment violations. They have a point!

John said...

First of all, I encourage everyone to jump into the discussion at

I will post on this blog every so often.

Secondly, forcing a pastor(s) to resign, changing the call of a resignation to cause, and protecting a good ole boy's indiscretion are not the fruits of a Christian pastor.

jusrme said...

Please, everyone - move on over to
good stuff there.....

Anonymous said...

I just fell into this blog and find the topics very interesting. I'm WELS and have seen the WELS spin out of control too.

Anonymous said...

Those in the Wisconsin Synod know that district presidents rarely, if ever, fail to run for reelection and rarely, if ever, receive a call. Janke was just called out of the district almost at the same time he decided not to run for reelection (Johnson's Creek, WI). Two highly improbable events. Hmm?

Anonymous said...


Removing pastors for no biblical reason is not the mark of a Christian pastor.

California on my mind said...

"Removing pastors for no biblical reason is not the mark of a Christian pastor."

Who said DP Janke did this? I've never seen any proof on this site, only conjecture, inuendo or "I know the rest of the story." Doesn't the Eighth Commandment mean anything to those on this site anymore? (And don't lecture me about public offense and public admonition. You're not doing that on here. You're just bashing and gossiping, and you know it.)

Anonymous said...

CA on Your Mind,

Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

How can there be any serious discussion on this site when people remark, "keep drinking the Kool-Aid"? No wonder no one reads this or your other blog anymore.

John said...

Mr. Anonymous...

Please tell me what other blog? This is the only blog that I have ever had.

The funny thing is that people do read this blog.

Please send me the link to my other blog. And send me a link to your blog too.

Anonymous said...

"No wonder no one reads this or your other blog anymore."

Apparently you are.

RandomDan said...

I just read the WELS call report. Whomever said Johnson's Creek, WI is mistaken, even though it is close to there. It is actually to in Jefferson, WI.

This Blog is turning into Ichabod Part Deux said...

Someone mistaken on this blog? Shocking.

John said: "The funny thing is that people do read this blog.

Please send me the link to my other blog. And send me a link to your blog too."

You are beginning to sound more like Greg Jackson all the time. Congratulations on this dubious honor...(sarcasm intended).

Anonymous said... is your other blog, right? Or do you misleadingly give everyone that impression?

John said...

A friend put up

If you read through the posts carefully that has been discussed.