Wednesday, March 12, 2008

CEO Ministries

I am trying to figure out what synod is sponsoring this "new" and "innovative" approach to ministry.

Its synodical affiliation is hidden very nicely.

Maybe they got their ideas here:

Maybe this website provides a clue:

Does anybody know who is the CEO of this CEO ministry?


Anonymous said...

No synod is sponsoring the ministries, but the main cog is a WELS person--with a high school education!

Jfranklin6 said...

Did you notice their motto is trademarked? Curious, how it does seem a bit shady. Though I don't see how his education has anything to do with it. The disciples were not so educated either.

William said...

Imagine a ministry without the politics of dancing of trying to impress or please men with intellect or a degree of education.

Independent from tradition yet never forgeting it.

Spreading the Gospel message with zeal, spirtual fervor, boldness, excitment, enthusiasim, all while holding to the true teachings of the Bible.

One average working man who travels puts in 60 + hours a week, in addition to maintaining his wife and family. He Built a team of Pastor's lay-men, women, and teens, to act as mentors for guidance and leadrship yet remains compelled by God's Word to share with everyone he comes in contact with about the passion that Christ has for us.

There is not a self-seeking or self-promoting bone that CEO Ministries was founded on.

Established with love that Jesus has to offer the world. Cautious, and careful about the balance of Law and Gospel in all his presentations, he delivers a message that God prepared in advance for him speak.

God Bless

William said...

Please add to my comment

That is CEO Ministries.