Sunday, October 7, 2007

Guest Blogger on Pres. Schroeder's recent visit to MLC

Michael Schottey has posted an excellent summary of Pres. Schroeder's visit to MLC

Follow this link to the report.. Pres. Schroeder at MLC


SM said...

As an alum of MLC, I was really disappointed by the report. (Thanks to the blogger for getting the info out...) Adjourned the meeting with the synod president for musical rehearsal? Seriously, could we set our priorities straight? The president of the synod doesn't show up in New Ulm everyday, which could be a separate issue on its own. Why would you double schedule a meeting room and/or a group of people for such an important event? After the formal meeting was adjourned for musical rehearsal, only 15 people stuck around to further the discussion? The students and faculty at MLC are people that have the potential to shape a positive future for WELS. To me this blogger's report seems to show a mediocre passion in the student body/faculty for the state of WELS.

Michael Schottey said...

Wow...just wow. First off, as a current student of MLC you could not be farther from the truth. The president's presentation was scheduled for an hour and a half and it went for over three hours.

The "room" that was "double scheduled" was our Chapeltorium which is the only room that was able to hold the amount of students who came to the presentation. It is also the only room with a stage.

I'm sorry, but you were not there and have no ability to gauge the passion of the MLC student body or faculty. Yes the president doesn't come everyday. But you know what does happen everyday? Schoolwork and part-time jobs and extracurricular activities. Hundreds of students and almost the entire faculty took over 2 hours out of their nights for the presentation.

Your disappointment is not only unfounded but foolish, perhaps you should get more information on a subject before you go on a public forum, speak of things you don't understand, and deride 800+ people.

Michael Schottey said...


Thanks for the link, I returned the favor in kind.

Keep checking my page! It is hard to get at it everyday but I'll continue to try and post devotions, bible verses, prayers, hymns and the like.

The latest is a hymn from Paul Eickmann (He is a now-sainted Professor from Mequon--wrote the Hebrew textbook for MLC) Its probably some of the most confessional hymnwriting since Paul Gerhard.

Also a series of devotions on the Athanasian Creed.