Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Conference Folow-up page

Mr. Grammarian please help! We most certainly appreciate how you have helped us understand the basics of the English language here on Bailing Water.

I would like to invite you to drop in on the church and change website.

http://www.the conference folow up page

I think that they could use your services too! Scroll down just a bit to folow up. Is this a Freudian slip?


Anonymous said...

No, don't you see, Church and Change is so much more innovative and advanced than the rest of us losers that they are now even coming up with new ways of spelling simple words. Either that or they're just trying to "be all things to all people" including the illiterate and the high school dropouts.

Mr. Grammarian

John said...

And check out the photographs! Maybe you'll see your DP. I heard that after the last C&C conference the Northern Wisconsin DP gave it a rave review.