Saturday, December 17, 2011

Life Under the Son

In today's pop culture world a wonderfully theological sound book written from a Lutheran perspective has emerged just in time for Christmas.If you order it quickly it might arrive in time to be a stocking stuffer.

The author, Pastor John Parcher passed away this past year. However, before his passing he allowed a son-in-law and a daughter access to his files. They chose notes from his sermons and Bible studies on the timeless book of Ecclesiastes in which Pastor Parcher explores two key themes "Meaningless" (NIV) or "Vanity" (KJV) and life "Under the Sun."  The Preacher is pointing to the folly of the creature when fixes his eyes upon the creation "under the sun" while leaving the Creator out of his life.

This book is edifying, engaging and easy to read. Pastor Parcher ends the book by stating that, "Jesus calls you to come along, as you are and where you are. Knowing everything there is to know about you, even the worst, and He still says, 'Follow me.' Even if the Bible did not teach of heaven, and even if the Bible did not teach there is a hell, I would still follow Jesus, for the sheer adventure of it."

If there is a tidy way of summarizing the varied topics of Ecclesiastes, I do not know of it. The subject matter is too rich for small minded encapsulation. There have been countless books written on the purpose and meaning of life. This author takes us on a grand tour of all this life has to offer, and leaves it up to you to decide. What is a worthy pursuit for the Christian? John Parcher was a parish pastor for forty-two years. He began his ministry at a country church in Minnesota with his wife, Ann, at his side. They received a call to La Crosse, WI in 1968 to pastor the congregation at the corner of St. Paul St. and Avon St. He preached nearly every Sunday for the next thirty-four years. John and Ann are enjoying retirement in La Crosse with their family of eighteen children near by.

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