Monday, May 30, 2011

Holy Word - 30 + year old congregation receives extensive mission dollars
  • Vicar in Mission Setting - Sent to Holy Word-
  • Mission Encouragment resources sent to Holy Word North
  • The Antioch Foundtion looking to support Church Growth methods:

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Anonymous said...

What point are you making?

Our congregation is drowning in red ink...we are an "established" WELS congregation....

One of our members during a congregational forum asked about the possibility of obtaining "Schwann" funds.

If the truth were known, probably at least one third of WELS congregations could be closed and merged with neighboring congregations, making a more viable congregation from two or more faltering churches.

Of course, the overall number of pulpits would drop rather dramatically.,...

But just because a congregation has been around for 30 years doesn't mean it is self sufficient....

Sad but true