Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The demise of Church and Change -

Did the blog-o-sphere help end Church and Change? For several years Bailing Water helped spur on the conversation on the net and now the Eulogy ----

Celebrate with Church and Change!

We invite you to celebrate with us! It was more than fifteen years ago that the first seeds were sown for Church and Change. God put it into the hearts of the Church and Change pioneers to find new approaches for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with our communities and world. Church and Change brought together many WELS members; people passionate about understanding and reaching the lost and to better serving God’s people living in this changing world. Church and Change also helped the WELS stay biblically-focused as Christian leaders made the compelling case for true Christian freedom. It is our prayer that Christian freedom continue to be part of our Lutheran fabric as we “practice” our beliefs.

Many were strengthened and encouraged over the years through Church and Change. Ministry leaders improved and expanded their ministries and networked with other WELS leaders across the country. Those leaders who became part of Church and Change learned new approaches and methods to reach out and are now teaching and leading others to do the same. The goals of Church and Change have been achieved.

So, it’s time for Church and Change to make a change of its own. It’s time to let others take the lead. As of today, Church and Change has finished its run. We are confident that the “spirit of change” will continue. We believe that Jesus, who called us to share his name with as many as possible and in as many different ways, will continue to lead us. We pray that Jesus will give you strength and wisdom to march forward! It has been a privilege to get to know, work with, encourage, and learn from so many of you. We thank our Lord for the blessing of Church and Change and for you!

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Anonymous said...

good riddence!

Anonymous said...

How about Synod change. Pastors need to take an ethics class and learn it's not about all the perks. I'll tell you why people are leaving WELS because they don't care about their flock. Not like they use to, Now it's parttime Pastor with Voicemail. Hurry up and spend the money. God will provide. While the members are worried about losing jobs, have no insurance and are constantly told they aren't doing enough while the Pastor does all he can to reduce the amount of work he's doing. There is no accountability. Pastor's get angry if you question them in anyway. No matter if what they are doing is bordering on or considered illegal. Ask again why the members are leaving. A person can only take so much especially when it doesn't even resemble WELS anymore. There's no common sense.
Sad but true. So they have what they want now - a cult.